Privacy Policy

Antar is provided as android and ios app at no cost and intended for use as is. If you choose to use the app, then you agree to the collection and use of information in relation to this policy. Any app usage information collected is used to provide and improve the product. It is never shared with anyone except as described in this privacy policy.

Usage log and data collection

To provide a better experience, we collect usage statistics through Amplitude and Firebase analytics. It does not contain any user entered data or personally identifiable information. The information entered by the user stays on the device and is not transmitted over internet to any servers. Additionally, In case of any error in the app, data is collected to get more details. This includes device details, operating system details, configuration of the app during the use, and the date and time of usage.


To limit data exposure, all the information collected on the app is retained on the device. It is not transferred over internet to a remote server. Access to the app on the device is optionally protected by biometric auth. Regardless, no method provides complete security and we cannot guarantee it in absolute terms. When you use our product, you are using it as is, without any warranties and understand the risks involved.

External Links

We may link to some external sites which we do not operate. We advise you to review the policy of those sites individually. We assume no responsibility for the the third party sites or services.